Sri Lanka Tea Board - Reasonable Price eService

Welcome to the online price information of Sri Lanka Tea Board (SLTB).

This service allows viewing online price information of Reasonable price to the interested parties.

Please select ‘Reasonable Price Enquiry’ option from Government Services to view the reasonable prices of tea.

Reasonable price enquiry Procedure

  • Please click ‘View Reasonable Price’ button in the home page.
  • Then select the Year and the Month.
  • User shall have few options to view Reasonable prices.
  • View the price details for a specific Factory via Factory registration number.
  • Select ‘Factory registration number’ radio button.
  • Enter the Factory registration number.
  • Then click on ‘View Price’
  • View all prices of factories in a District via selecting a district.
  • Select ‘District’ radio button.
    • Then select a District.
    • Click on ‘View Price’
  • View the price for a specific factory vie selecting a factory by filtering through the district list
  • Select ‘District’ radio button.
    • Then select a District
    • Select the Factory registration number.
    • Click on ‘View Price’
  • Then the system will displays the Reasonable Price information as listed below.
  • Period (Year/ Month)
  • District
  • Factory Registration Number
  • Factory Name &
  • Reasonable price for the requested period
  • To print this price details, please select ‘Print’ option.
  • Preview of the report will be shown to you.
  • If you wish to print, you can proceed with the print process.

For additional information please read FAQ and instructions in the relevant screens in the service


Welcome to the Sri Lanka Tea Board online Reasonable Price Enquiry eService.

Green leaf suppliers including Tea small holders are assured the payment of 68% of net sale average of made tea of the particular factory as per the Reasonable Price Formula under the Section 8 (2) of Tea Control Act No 51 of 1957 as directed by Tea Commissioner of Sri Lanka Tea Board.
Green tea leaf rate is calculated according to the existing out turn ratio of 21.5 %.

Sri Lanka Tea Board will release Reasonable Prices for the previous month on or before 10th day of each month.

Please click View Reasonable Price to view price information.

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