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Smart Gateway to Government of Sri Lanka

    More than 205 online service by 90 organizations
    60 services via Mobile apps, SMS by 45 organizations
    GIC: 2300 services, by 320 organizations, 14h x 7, all 3 languages
    GIC: Call 1919 for 60 inter-mediatory services via Agents
    Refer 'Useful Links' for Open Data, Infrastructure initiatives


1. What is the Government web portal ( ?

The public sector services and information are available through the Government Web Portal and you can find the information you need on a variety of topics. The website contains government e-services, SMS services, IT related legal systems, IT infrastructure, information security, government directory website directories as well as up-to-date information.

2. What are the main components in

The main features are government interaction services related to services and information, payment services, SMS services, information services, government web directory. This includes the web directory of government agencies ranging from "a" to "f" and the latest news and projects in IT.

3. How do I find what I need about the government?

“Any public sector information you need to know about government e-services, SMS services, IT services.

Through "Search", you can search for the relevant service by applying the keyword, phrase, or service you want. "

4. For online services is there a pre registration?

All information can be used without registration. However, registration is required depending on the nature of the selected public service. It also facilitates secure access to third parties, such as Google.

5. How do I login to an eService?

Open authentication must be used when accessing these services. Open authentication is the process of obtaining secure access to a third party, such as Google and Facebook. This requires the username / email address and password of the open authentication you are using and will only be used to verify your identity through open authentication.

Please note that the confidential information you provide will only be used for verification and will no longer be in our system.

To avail this service:


Can be used.

6. Why must I enter my Facebook/Gmail Account Details to use a Service?

Some of the services provided have to be paid for and the facility has to be done in a secure way. Under the open authentication concept, you can use your existing Facebook or Gmail account to verify your name and e - mail address. It will only be used for access at that time and then this information will not be stored in our system usage.

7. How do I access an eService?

The following methods can be used to access services through the Government Portal:

1. Through "Search", you can search for the keyword, phrase, and service of the service you want. Provides your search results with details and accuracy.

2. Select the department / government agency you want from the Public Service menu. The list shows all the companies that provide those services. The selected service will then be displayed on the Government Portal.

3. Select the desired service letter from the menu "a" to "f". All relevant services are shown. The selected service will then be displayed in the Government Portal.

8. How do I share an eService?

Services can be directed through the following social media:


To redirect / share services - Go to the services you want to direct, select any of the social media icons above. A message will then appear on the screen. The service you are referring to will appear among your friends.

9. How can I get the news and events of government?

You can read the latest news under the State Initiative feature. Use the "Read more" option to read more..

10. How do I get more information of an eService?

If you have difficulty finding the information or service you need or have other information, please contact:

ICT Agency of Sri Lanka

No. 490, R A De Mel Mawatha,Colombo 03.

Tel:+94-11-236 9099

Fax:+94-11-236 9091

11. how do I vote for the poll and check the previous poll results

The poll feature on the website will conduct your poll and give one person only one chance. It also has the ability to examine the results before expressing one's opinion, as well as previous opinion polls and its results.

12. What is the alternative if a user only has Yahoo e-mail accounts when using transactional e-services like e-Revenue License?

The Government Portal cannot be accessed using e-mail accounts such as Yahoo, and the user can access these services by opening a user account in Gmail accounts.

13. Does the Government web Portal support for edit user account details including change password accounts?

The Government Portal does not provide for such changes. Changing the password can only be done with the "Password Forgot" option.

14. How the Forgot password option works in Country Portal?

By logging in using open authentication, you can access the "Forgot Password" option that appears on the screen.

15.How to filter the search results further?

Through "Search", you can search for the keyword, phrase, and service of the service you want. Your search results can be categorized according to government websites, government e-services, SMS services, and further filtering to get more accurate results.

16. How do I find Government Websites?

After selecting the web directory, you can access the websites of the required department / government agency through the required government web directory. The list shows all the companies that provide that service. Or select the desired service letter from the menu "a" to "f" and all relevant services will be displayed.